Here are some pictures I took at the 6th International Paderborn Championship.

These were taken with a point-and-shoot film camera in 1997, developed, scanned with a flatbed scanner in 2002, and resized so they wouldn't take too long to download (in 2002). That's why they're so small.

ipccc1.jpg The atrium of the Heinz Nixdorf Forum
ipccc2.jpg Rainer Feldmann (Zugzwang) is at the far right.
He's talking to Ulf Lorenz (Cheiron).
Walter Bannerman (Ananse) is looking at his computer.
ipccc3.jpg Tournament hall (left)
ipccc4.jpg Tournament hall (right)
ipccc5.jpg Prizes!
ipccc6.jpg Frank Schneider (Gromit)
ipccc7.jpg Martin Zentner (XXXX II), during our game.
ipccc8.jpg Roland Pfister (Patzer)
ipccc9.jpg Anders and B√ľker (Confucius)
ipccc10.jpg This is a friend of mine from ICC. His login was Sueno. I can't remember his real name. He was generous enough to give me a ride to the tournament and allow me to use his personal computer to run Stobor. I wouldn't have been able to attend otherwise. I appreciate it!
ipccc11.jpg Sorry, I can't remember who this is.
Thorsten Greiner (Amy) is in the background.