Here's a list of interesting things people have done with TSCP!

March 7, 2023
Pawel Koziol revised Norman M. Blais's Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm:

October 31, 2022
Peter Mather ported TSCP to the Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040 microcontroller). Here's a compressed "uf2" file that can be copied to the Raspberry Pi Pico in bootloader mode:

September 30, 2022
Bill Reinhart made a version of TSCP for the Color Maximite 2:

February 10, 2021
Pawel Koziol made a version of TSCP with an evaluation function that's just the piece values and piece-square tables from Rofchade 1.0, scaled according to game phase:

June 8, 2020
Normand M. Blais made a version of TSCP that uses a search that's a hybrid of Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) and TSCP's conventional search:
(Note that Pawel Koziol made a revised version of this algorithm, above.)

January 27, 2020
Martin Holeček ported TSCP to JavaScript and added support for a number of chess variants, here:

October 30, 2019
Martin Round ported TSCP to MMBasic. You can download it from his web site, here:

June 21, 2019
A team of students at Purdue university (Adam Behnke, Mitchell Kenney, Zachary Neumann, Timothy Pansino) made an electronic chess board that uses NFC tags to detect the locations of the pieces. The board can also play chess and uses TSCP as its AI:
Rook-eChess poster

January 31, 2019
Kristopher Johnson ported TSCP to Rust:

April 10, 2017
It is possible to make TSCP compatible with UCI if you use an adapter program and the appropriate configuration file. (Thanks to Norbert Raimund Leisner for this information!)
Wb2Uci (adapter program)
Configuration files (for TSCP and many other programs)

April 5, 2017
Norbert Raimund Leisner has made a number of logos for TSCP that can be used with Arena, ChessGUI, and/or WinBoard.

December 20, 2016
Norbert Raimund Leisner ran a 150-game tournament (40/2 time control) between TSCP and several other engines and TSCP won! You can download the games and results here.

September 18, 2016
Ferdinand Mosca made a version of TSCP that plays the crazyhouse variant of chess and has other speed and search improvements.

June 30, 2016
Peter Veenendaal made a version of TSCP with some performance improvements.
Update 9/1/17: Pawel Koziol found a bug with one of the optimizations. Fixed.

September 17, 2015
Steven Edwards made a new version of TSCP 1.81 with readability improvements, a bug fix, and a perft function.

August 21, 2015
Ed Schroder has ported an older version of REBEL's evaluation function to TSCP and made it available to the public in a project he calls "EFS" (Evaluation For Starters). REBEL is noteworthy for being extremely strong and having won many tournaments in the 80s and 90s, including World Championship tournaments against supercomputers:

June 26, 2015
Hitendra Kishanchandani made a web site that explains TSCP:

March 28, 2015
Jaro Gress modified TSCP to play a predecessor of modern chess called Shatranj:

December 7, 2014
Jaro Gress modified search.c to display the current PV at the end of each search:

May 10, 2013
Haley Jane Amason, Joshua Burbridge, Brittany Nottingham, and Thong Tran created the "MAGIC" (Mechanically Automated Game of Intelligent Chess) chess board as a senior design project. It's a system that recognizes spoken chess moves and moves pieces on a physical chess board with an electromagnet. It uses TSCP as its chess engine:

August 10, 2012
Fabiani Philippe ported TSCP to C#:
TSCP_Sharp_unsafe.rar (this version uses pointers) (Silverlight web app)

June 16, 2012
Christophe Saphar ran the TSCP benchmark on a Raspberry Pi (700MHz ARM11) and got a score of 538.3 MIPS.

November 29, 2011
Tony Mokonen created "TSCP Knightmate" which plays the knightmate variant of chess:

March 11, 2009
Pedro Castro Elgarresta built TSCP to work with MobileThinkerBoard:

December 6, 2008
TSCP was ported to the Blackfin open source robot:

March 19, 2008
hanse ported TSCP to the Wii:

December 3, 2006
Antony Johnson C and Gopinath M used TSCP to control the chess robot they built as a school project:

October 4, 2006
Andreas Bogk and the Chaos Computer Club ported TSCP to the "Nedap ES3B" voting machine, which is used in Dutch and German elections, to make the point that the machines could be hacked to commit election fraud. This was covered on Dutch TV and the April 2007 issue of Harper's magazine. (Dutch TV coverage)

October 30, 2005
Michael Heacker made a version of TSCP with an ANSI interface:

January 10, 2004
Michel Langeveld modified TSCP to play a chess variant called Gothic Chess. His program, TSCP Gothic, took 2nd place in the 2004 Gothic Chess Computer World Championship.
The program is mentioned on this page:
You can download an executable here:

October 2003
Henk Mannen used TSCP for his master's thesis, "Learning to Play Chess Using Reinforcement Learning with Database Games": (thesis) (academic paper)

September 18, 2002
Ian Osgood ported TSCP to Forth:

January 8, 2002
Peter Hunter ported TSCP to Java and added a GUI:

September 3, 2001
Raffaele Carnuccio (deceased, R.I.P.) translated TSCP's comments into Italian:

January 11, 2001
Dann Corbit ran a tournament called "Battle of the Crowns" and TSCP finished in 1st place in its division:

December 18, 2000
Robert Lee ported TSCP version 1.62 to Object Pascal:

May 4, 1999
Pham Hong Nguyen made VSCCP, which is a TSCP derivative that plays Chinese chess:

Daniel Terhell used TSCP to make a Chessboard Component for Delphi 2-7 and C++ Builder:

Uri Blass, Dann Corbit, and Pedro Casto Elgarresta made a version of TSCP (1.81) with bug fixes and null move forward pruning:

Michael J Sherwin created a version of TSCP (1.81) with a bitboard move generator:

Normand Blais created a version of TSCP (1.81) with null move forward pruning:

Julien Marcel compiled a version of TSCP (1.81) for OS X:

I used to maintain a list of TSCP (1.73) benchmark scores:

TSCP (1.71) is part of the Ars Technica CPU Benchmark.

"MrNSX" compiled a version of TSCP (1.71) for PowerPC Macs running Mac OS (not OS X):

José Carlos Martínez Galán made a version of TSCP (1.42) with comments in Spanish:

Damien Marchal ported TSCP to the iPod (Classic):